Promoting the Acceleration of Energy Startups’ Growth in Indonesia, Pertamina Initiates the XSCOUTS Program


Jakarta 28 September 2021 – PT Pertamina (Persero) initiates the Open Innovation platform: XSCOUTS Program. The initiation of XSCOUTS Program underlines Pertamina’s commitment, as Indonesia’s most integrated energy company, to be the catalyst of energy technology innovation and transformation in Indonesia. 

Pertamina XSCOUTS opens collaboration with startups which innovate in clean energy, new renewable energy, and petrochemicals to scale their innovation values and accelerate growth. The XSCOUTS Program offers two entry points for energy startups to participate in; the Growth Program for startups at an early stage by at least having a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), and the Partnership Program for startups at a late stage.

Iman Rachman, Director of Strategy, Portfolio, and Business Development at PT Pertamina (Persero), emphasized that Open Innovation is one of the key success factors for Pertamina to accelerate business growth amidst the challenges of the energy transition. 

“Pertamina will continue to collaborate and innovate in order to develop novel concepts for building clean energy-based national energy security and sovereignty. We have a strong commitment to this,” explained Iman.

Within the Open Innovation framework, Iman said, the initiation of the XSCOUTS Program highlights how it serves as a platform for collaboration between Pertamina and startups which create innovation in the same interests.

“Pertamina XSCOUTS is a platform for startups to collaborate with Pertamina and work together in upscaling and accelerating their business,” added Iman.

According to Iman, the XSCOUTS Program’s Open Innovation framework will contribute to increase the transparency and accountability of the innovation process, as well as the degree of confidence among startups in Pertamina’s commitment to seek, reach, welcome, and synergize value creation.

“In this collaboration, we offer startups access to the market, access to funding, access to expertise, and of course business viability,” he added.

Pertamina XSCOUTS is an ongoing program that will run throughout the years. Energy startups interested in participating in this program should complete the application form and submit their pitch deck to (XSCOUTS)