PT PERTAMINA (PERSERO) receives every call and email from the general public asking for an explanation of business offers (cooperation), job offers, prize draws and money giving.

  1. Proposal on cooperation)
    Business Fraud business is usually made under the pretense of the name of PT PERTAMINA (PERSERO) in various forms, but usually requires a large amount of money to be transferred in either local currency (Rupiah) or foreign currency. The arguments presented are usually in relation to excess money from the sale of crude oil, or accounts that are no longer used. Sometimes a large bonus is also offered on an Agreement for those who receive the e-mail.
  2. Employee Recruitment.
    Job Offers originating from incorrect organizations or groups pretending to be part of PT PERTAMINA (PERSERO) or people claiming to work or have a relationship with PT PERTAMINA (PERSERO). The offer submitted states that the person meets the qualifications as a worker (both local and expatriate) at PT PERTAMINA (PERSERO) and asks to transfer an amount of money as a work permit, insurance policy, etc.
    Please note that PT PERTAMINA (PERSERO) (both organizationally recruiting on behalf of PERTAMINA) has never asked for money or payment from applicants at any stage of recruitment. Anyone who succeeds in getting an offer from PT PERTAMINA (PERSERO), either directly or indirectly, will be asked to take part in the formal recruitment process. All communications must come from official e-mails of PT PERTAMINA (PERSERO) and not from e-mails from the internet such as hotmail, yahoo, etc.
  3. Gifts and Giving
    The giving of gifts and money is often received via short message and / or e-mail claiming to be from PERTAMINA, Indonesia, stating that the recipient of the message has won a prize draw promo and similar programs issued by PT PERTAMINA (PERSERO), and asks the person concerned to send money in order to get the prize. Please note that PT PERTAMINA (PERSERO) is not involved in the drawing or giving of grants via e-mail / sms.

If you experience this, you must:

  • Do not respond to promises of false business offers and / or job offers that are from people or e-mail addresses you do not know or do not trust.
  • Do not disclose your personal data or your financial data to anyone you do not know and trust. If you disclose this information to someone or upload it via a website that you do not trust, please report the incident to law enforcement officials.
  • Please be aware of information from addresses that do not belong to PT PERTAMINA (PERSERO) (such as an email from in both Indonesian and English asking for a certain amount of money.