You’ve Arrived at the Right Page

Making your way to this page shows you’ve made the right decision.  Now, it’s time to finalize your first move.

Please take a look at the pitch deck template to guide you building your proper presentation as we require.

If you are picthing in Partnership Program , please ensure you also submit the required documents below: 

  1. Company Profile, this must include:
    • Company History
    • Shareholder
    • Core Resources
    • Innovator Team Profile, includes your qualifications and experiences
  2. Business Profile
  3. Business Plan
    • It should be explained in detail with a viable business development plan based on credible economic and commercial assumptions.
  4. Partnership Plan, this must include:
    • Technology Proposal or Business Partnership
    • Innovation in Technology or Systems
    • Differentiation from the existing products in the market
    • Proposed partnership scheme
    • Tangible and intangible benefits of partnership.

Before we approve your application and sign an agreement with you, we must validate your pitch deck through these following steps:

Proposal Submission
Up To 30 Days
Document Validation

Early screening & information validation

Up To 30 Days
Preparing our Collaboration
  • Solution validation
  • JDA / NDA signing
  • Join the trial to assure the fitness of the solution in Pertamina's business ecosystem
  • Valuation of technology/market/business
  • Definitive Agreement
Depends on the Project
The Start of Our Collaboration

Pitch YourSelf

and show how our partnership will shape the future of energy!